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Artist in Residence: Lily Maase


Lily Maase shares her vulnerable and gut-wrenching story behind her project in progress as a 2017 Artist in Residence.

Artist in Residence: Lily Maase


Lily Maase introduces us to the concepts behind the song cycle that she will create over the coming year as a 2017 Artist in Residence .

Cities Project


Cities is a five-song cycle that personifies the biblical cities of Bethlehem, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Jericho, and the “New City” of Revelation

Lion, Calf, Man, Eagle


The new work of musician Justin Keller captures the sense of overwhelming awe found in the heavenly vision as described in Revelation 4:2-8.

All Things New


Musician Anthony LaMarca penned and composed a beautifully thoughtful song with his brother in response to suffering and Revelation 21:5.

Earth Jesus


Artist J McDonald ponders the interaction of Heaven and Earth in response to Revelation 5:1-4 as reflected through his sculpture.

For Reaching and Holding


Artist Lily Knights transfers her love of murals onto canvas as she responds to Revelation 5:1-4.



Theatre artist Timothy Giles explores the movement of Revelation 9:1-6 in the composition of his new song, “Abyss.”

Sacral abstraction: Alpha and Omega


Through abstract images Lithuanian artist Krzysztof Sokolovski develops his theory of Neosacred Art as evidenced by his meditation on Revelation​ 1:17.

Artist in Residence: Spark & Echo Band


The fourth update from the Spark & Echo Band’s song cycle personifying biblical cities.

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