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For the Prison of Skin (A Prayer Triptych)


Poet Philip Metres brings us this meditation on suffering, pain, and release in response to the theme of healing and Matthew 8:5-13.

On My Knees


We are excited to feature a brand new unreleased song from singer-songwriter Stephen Bautista. “On My Knees” is a beautiful work about humility, prayer, and trusting God through adversity.

Prayer Remix by Erik Schoster


Listen/Download: Prayer Remix by Erik Schoster

“Erik Schoster is a fantastic musician and a great friend. Check him out at I studied with him at Lawrence University and he lived with us in Bushwick, Brooklyn for …

Don’t be Afraid

Mikels Pictures 041

Listen/Download : Don’t Be Afraid

I reluctantly set this text (Ephesians 6:10-20) to music. It’s a text that I’ve never really gotten into until I had to set it for a project. It’s all about getting dressed for spiritual warfare by putting on the armor of God. I feel like I have sat through dozens of tedious sermons on this text that are more like a commercial for the Army or the NFL than a journey into Scripture. But I set it anyway, and somewhere along the way …