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The Day of the Lord


This work of poet and Christian theologian Jerome Blanco holds the tension of devastation in the world with the promise of God’s restoration from Joel 3.



Beginning with Joel 1 and then expanding to the entire book, poet GC Waldrep explores the divine act of artistically creating while addressing the book’s warnings of destruction in this stunning long poem.

From the Horns

Lauren Russell_feat

Poet Lauren Russell explores heartbreak, despair, and the impossible as inspired by Psalm 22:20-21.

To watch is to watch is to watch


Multi-talented artist Janielle Kastner explores the similarities between us and those whom we would distance ourselves from in this vulnerable and raw poem based on Jude 1:5-7.

A Silent Movie: in Poem and Stills

Iv Amenti_feat

Iv Amenti’s ‘silent film’ contemplates the juxtapositions of reality and dreams, foolishness and wisdom found in Ecclesiastes 5:3.

After the Blood Is Gone: When the Killing Won’t Stop

Crystal Tennille Irby Performance Shot Photographer Holland Reid_feat

Crystal Irby’s poem in response to Ecclesiastes 3:3 examines the painful road to hope and healing.

Gardening with Lions


Poet Darryl Ratcliff dreams of a life-filled future while wrestling with current injustice in response to Ecclesiastes 9:4.

Eve’s song


Singer Ileana Santamaría wrote a poem that she then brought to musician Raffi Dimoian to produce an intimate spoken word piece imagining Eve’s response to Adam from Genesis 2:21-24.

So That They Shall Not Say, This Is Jezebel

Version 3

Aliki Barnstone’s bold poem challenges the role and portrayal of women in response to 2 Kings 9:30-37.

Tower and Document


Joseph Chapman’s contemplative poem examines the relational dichotomy of the powerful and those who support them, inspired by 1 Kings 5:13.

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