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From the Horns

Lauren Russell_feat

Poet Lauren Russell explores heartbreak, despair, and the impossible as inspired by Psalm 22:20-21.

To watch is to watch is to watch


Multi-talented artist Janielle Kastner explores the similarities between us and those whom we would distance ourselves from in this vulnerable and raw poem based on Jude 1:5-7.

A Silent Movie: in Poem and Stills

Iv Amenti_feat

Iv Amenti’s ‘silent film’ contemplates the juxtapositions of reality and dreams, foolishness and wisdom found in Ecclesiastes 5:3.

After the Blood Is Gone: When the Killing Won’t Stop

Crystal Tennille Irby Performance Shot Photographer Holland Reid_feat

Crystal Irby’s poem in response to Ecclesiastes 3:3 examines the painful road to hope and healing.

Gardening with Lions


Poet Darryl Ratcliff dreams of a life-filled future while wrestling with current injustice in response to Ecclesiastes 9:4.

Eve’s song


Singer Ileana Santamaría wrote a poem that she then brought to musician Raffi Dimoian to produce an intimate spoken word piece imagining Eve’s response to Adam from Genesis 2:21-24.

So That They Shall Not Say, This Is Jezebel

Version 3

Aliki Barnstone’s bold poem challenges the role and portrayal of women in response to 2 Kings 9:30-37.

Tower and Document


Joseph Chapman’s contemplative poem examines the relational dichotomy of the powerful and those who support them, inspired by 1 Kings 5:13.

Know Thyself

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In this arresting piece, the voice of Marlanda Dekine’s poem challenges our patterns of oppression in echo of Proverbs 3:31.

System with Some Kindness


Poet Kimberly Grey’s poem explores the sweetness and the pain of love, inspired by Genesis 5:2.

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