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The Message Behind the Art

Spark and Echo Arts is proud to present an exciting evening with artist Duda Penteado as he shares “The Message Behind the Art,” a lecture on some of the most important ideas of Professor Hans Rookmaaker last book of his days (ART Needs No Justification), and some of his own thoughts and art works inspired on Christian iconography.

The Sound of the Prophet

We are pleased to feature another fantastic work by international artist Duda Penteado. This work, entitled The Sound of the Prophet, is a reaction to 1 Kings 19:9-18, a most famous exchange between God and the prophet Elijah.

Crislaba, by Duda Penteado

Life for international fine artist Duda Penteado has been a series of spiritual and intellectual partnerships. He was born in 1968 to family of educators and politicians who were well acquainted with the power of the arts. Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a cosmopolitan city of European, American and Brazilian influence, Duda was exposed early on to…