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These Are My Sons


A new song from Jonathon Roberts focusing on the theme of “lies” and the life of David and his sons.

Kenyon Adams & American Restless “Shame”


We are thrilled to feature a follow-up version of Noah Lekas’ solo blues song, “Don’t Let Me Be Put to Shame.” This song was originally commissioned by Spark and Echo Arts in 2011 and is a response to Psalm 25 and Psalm 91. Now with a full band, Kenyon Adams & American Restless have ramped up the…


David by Ebitenyefa Baralaye

Psalm 27:1-5, David, Scultpture by Eb Baralaye - ThumbnailSpark and Echo Arts is pleased to feature the work David, a sculpture by artist Ebitenyefa Baralaye. Mr. Baralaye captures and reflects on the complexities of David’s life with a special focus on Psalm 27:1-5.

Psalm 16 by Nicora Gangi

“Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge… You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.” Artist Nicora Gangi gives us a beautiful glimpse into Psalm 16 through her dynamic visual meditation.

Psalm 131 by Nathan Hunt

We are pleased to feature an original poem written by Nathan Hunt in response to Psalm 131, a vivid “psalm of ascents” by David. “Among the streaming people on hazy summer streets, a sprouting weed…”

Psalm 18

We are delighted to feature this image of Psalm 18, a vivid collage by renowned visual artist Nicora Gangi. Ms. Gangi used magazine clips to illustrate the colors which were inspired by the different themes of this psalm: holy faith, love, joy, praise and hope.

The Ushering in of the Wheel

A captivating piece by artist David Czupryna reinterpreting Ezekiel’s Wheel. Spark and Echo Arts was pleased to commission a new work from Mr. Czupryna and delighted with the additional imagination and detail he brought to the vivid account from Ezekiel 1.