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I Make Tents

“I Make Tents” is poetic prose with a rhythmic soundscape exploring Apostle Paul’s life as a tentmaker and his writings on wisdom and foolishness. Sound samples from professors and politicians intertwine with lighter sounds and Paul’s playful and even biting words. This piece deals with some of Paul’s favorite themes: wisdom vs. foolishness, weakness and humility, and the painful “groaning” of this world.

El día

A sound and music collage reacting to the urgency with which the Apostle Paul spoke to people about what lies ahead. The beats are made from chopped vocal sounds and the voices join Paul from around the world saying “The day is almost here.”


“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.” This love song is inspired by the Bible’s writings on eternal life, true lasting love and the beautiful nighttime sounds of Spring Peeper Frogs in Wisconsin.