Our goal of Spark and Echo Arts is to create a new piece of art, music or theater covering every passage of the Bible. If you know of an artist that you think should be invited to participate in this project, please suggest them to us via this form. In addition to our web gallery, we also involve artists at live events in New York City and beyond.

We are open to photographers, video artists, musicians and sound designers, writers and poets, performance artists, software designers, painters, chefs and more. We seek to involve high quality and creative artists from diverse backgrounds.

Please include a web links or work samples so we can become familiar with their work. We will share their information with our team of Curators who will follow up with them if interested. We have a variety of initiatives, so even if their work doesn’t fit at this time, we will keep them in mind for future projects. We now only feature new work that is created with Spark and Echo Arts in mind. Thank you for your support!