Artist Victoria Zintchenko explores Joshua 6 in her new work, Rotations:











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Rotations, Victoria Zintchenko, 12 x 8, 2015
Ink, watercolour, paper, polyurethane on barn scrap wood



From the Artist:

As one walks around an object, different things come to light. Because the priests walked around seven times, they saw variations of the city walls each time. No matter the focus, eyes wander and we notice an outcropping here, a tuft of grass there. So, seven circles on a board are just as simple as seven revolutions of a city, yet all contain their own microcosms. The acts of walking in unison and dropping ink at dawn have similar rhythms, a type of seeming nonchalance. Ego is removed from an act of great determination through repetitive motion that is inherent to it.










Victoria Zintchenko From her Soviet upbringing to her New York based art and furniture practice, she has worked steadily in mediums ranging from ceramics to woodworking. Using culturally specific practices, she creates meditative and technically repetitive works. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her lover, son and dog.



This artist was curated by Evelyn Lewis.

This image is copyrighted by the artist and used here by permission.


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