This song was written as a tribute to my Grandparents Bob and Marie Mikels on their 60th wedding anniversary. They are very special to me. Their constant love and faith ceaselessly moves through our family as a river and will continue to flow for generations. I love the text of this piece taken from Ecclesiastes 12. At the end of the day our greatest wish is simply that God remembers us.

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Bob and Marie Mikels

Before the sun and the light
And the moon and the stars grow dark,
The clouds return after the rain;
When the keepers of the house tremble,
And the strong men stoop,

When the grinders cease,
And the windows grow dim,
When the doors to the street are closed
And all the sounds fade away;

When men rise up to the sounds of birds,
But all their songs grow faint;
When men are afraid of heights
And dangers in the street;
When the almond tree blossoms
And the grasshoppers drags along
Desire no longer stirred,
Then man goes to his eternal home
Mourners in the street.

Before the silver cord is severed,
Or the golden bowl broken
Before the pitcher is shattered
Or the wheel broken at the well,
Dust returns to the ground,
The spirit returns to the sky,

Remember me.

The Original Text from Ecclesiastes 12:2-7

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