Beautiful poetry about a lovely and strong woman, “More Than Rubies” is adapted from Proverbs 31. It was written for our dear friends Angela and John in honor of their wedding.

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Read Proverbs 31:10-31

More than Rubies

We found you*, We found you
More Than Rubies, More Than Rubies

It’s still dark out,
It’s still bitter and dark
But you are still up,
Your lamp does not go out at night

You consider a field, consider a vineyard
I consider your arms and your fingers so, so strong

We found you, More Than Rubies
We found you, More Than Rubies, More Than Rubies

It’s snowing out
You have no fear
We’re clothed in scarlet, purple and scarlet
O fine, fine linen is you

We found you, More Than Rubies
We found you, More Than Rubies

You laugh! What’s to come? You laugh
Wisdom on your tongue, you Laugh!

You are truly blessed, you are blessed
You are truly blessed

Many do noble things, but you surpass them all
More Than Rubies, More Than Rubies

*The lyrics “we found you” refers to how God moved through the husband to lead him to his wife, that in a way they found her together. Apart from God the man would not have found such a woman.

BC ELEMENTS (What’s This?)

More Than Rubies is a simple song that can be played on a variety of instruments. It was premiered on a guitar. It also can be the foundation of a larger piece or arrangement. Here are some lead sheets to help:

Download More Than Rubies Lead Sheet
Download More Than Rubies Chord Chart

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