We are thrilled to feature a follow-up version of Noah Lekas’ solo blues song, “Don’t Let Me Be Put to Shame.” This song was originally commissioned by Spark and Echo Arts in 2011 and is a response to Psalm 25 and Psalm 91. Now with a full band, Kenyon Adams & American Restless have ramped up the original and will be releasing “Shame” as part of their debut EP.
Friends of Spark and Echo Arts, Kenyon Adams & American Restless will be performing their new songs on Friday March 23rd, 8pm at Rockwood Music Hall.
About the song, by Noah Lekas: I really liked the idea of contending with God for His name’s sake – as if to say, “I know I am not worth helping, but You have to help me because of who You are.” So the song is sort of exploring that and this idea of being completely out numbered and surrounded in a Psalm 91 sort of way, with nowhere to turn but to the Lord.

This song is copyrighted by the artists and is featured here by their permission.
Buy the EP after March 23, 2012 here.

Click here to listen to the original demo Don’t Let Me Be Put To Shame (solo version)
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