The Center for Faith and Work invited Spark and Echo Arts to present new work for their InterArts Fellowship event on July 15, 2011 at Calvary/St. George’s Episcopal Church in New York City: “The Artist and Beauty: Illuminating the Word.”

With keynote speaker Dr. Ena Heller, Director of the Museum of Biblical Arts, and renowned actor and producer Max McLean, the program showcased different ways artists may “illuminate and embody the Word.”

The evening began with songs composed of ‘flesh’ and ‘bone’ conceptualized from the program’s theme of embodying the Word. Spark and Echo Arts premiered a new song, “Bones,” featuring Jonathon Roberts, Emily Clare Zempel, Anthoney Taddeo (percussion) and Chris Bonner (bass). The band played new music from Spark and Echo’s upcoming album as well.

Dr. Heller gave a presentation on illuminated Bibles throughout the ages. She drew special attention to the St. John’s Bible, a masterwork created in this century. Max McLean reached back to the 17th century and spoke about how the language in the King James Bible has created cultural benchmarks enduring into the present age.

Spark And Echo Arts also premiered the new short play “SING” written by Nick Stokes, directed by Ryan Whinnem, with movement by Deborah Wolfson. The play was a vividly emotional interpretation of Psalm 22, a dialogue of self-perception and curiously altruistic surveillance and featured Michael Markham and Emily Clare Zempel.

Read the Script and see clips from the show HERE.

Calvary/St. George’s sanctuary space/performance platform welcomed over 150 people and gathered everyone in their spacious Anderson Hall for post-event pizza and fellowship. It was a wonderful event where – through sound, Word, sight, taste and touch – Biblical text was re-formed into tangible experiences. Please continue to support Spark and Echo Arts so that more events which “illuminate” the Word may continue! A special thank you to the many friends and family of Spark and Echo Arts who made this evening a success!

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