Composer and vocalist Ashley Gonzalez Daneman has created a beautiful new song inspired by Job 17:12-13

These men say that night is day; they claim that the darkness is light.
                                   What if I go to the grave and make my bed in darkness?


Words & Music by Ashley Daneman
Performed and recorded by Ashley Daneman: vocals, mouth/hand percussion, piano, mandolin, and shaker.
Mixed and mastered by Gordon van Gent.

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From the Artist:
Life is full of competing priorities. Most of my work deals with contradiction or the dual existence of contrasting realities.
We could say that light represents goodness and darkness is evil, but it could be difficult to discern which is which. You and I may agree on a few evils, but aren’t the rest of them just shades of gray? What is true goodness? Humans, as a whole, can’t agree on this.
For me, this passage in the Bible reflects on people’s differing perspectives about what truth is, and Job’s fear that he might accidentally believe a lie and eternally suffer for it.
Given all the different belief systems about the afterlife, how then, does a person decide what’s true? The path of least resistance is to take a casual approach and release yourself from the responsibility of self-preservation in the afterlife. Assuming that either “nothing” or nothing “bad” will happen to you gives you peace of mind now, but it is a gamble. And whether your winnings or losses are large or small…we’ll have to wait to find out.



Ashley Daneman is a jazz vocalist and composer creating music with descriptive textures, rich harmonies, and pop-influenced structures. Whether singing jazz standards or originals, she arranges intimate audio landscapes creating a kind of “ECM label singer/songwriter” vibe.
A native of Toledo, Ohio, Ashley relocated to Kalamazoo, Michigan after spending ten years on the East  coast. Most recently, she performed with her group in New York City jazz clubs (Zinc Bar, Cornelia Street Café), other venues (St. John the Divine, American Folk Art Museum), and at special events working together to touch audiences with a compelling listening experience.
While in New York, Ashley also completed a masters degree in Jazz Vocal Performance at Manhattan School of Music under the direction of Peter Eldridge, Kate McGarry, and Theo Bleckmann. Her music is also heavily influenced by Dianne Reeves, Betty Carter, and Joni Mitchell.
Ashley is a two-time arts grant recipient and was a resident artist in Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead (2003: Washington, DC) and at The Banff Centre’s Jazz and Creative Workshop (2010: Alberta, Canada). She performs regularly with her band, which includes her husband, trumpet player Benje Daneman.

Curated by Emily Clare Zempel


This work is copyrighted by the artist and shown here by permission.
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