“Has not my inheritance become to me like a lion in the forest? She roars at me, therefore I hate her.” After the Prophet Jeremiah boldly files a complaint with God in the beginning of Jeremiah about the condition of Judah, God replies with stern words of discipline. God uses vivid illustration to illuminate his sadness and frustration with the people he loves. This response is set to music in the song, Inheritance.

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The text from this song is Jeremiah 12:5-17. This is a section of Scripture that definitely warrants further study, since the lyrics for the song are taken out of context from Jeremiah’s request and the story of Judah in the Bible. What we don’t learn from this section is God’s motivation for these strong words or his ultimate desire for the people he loves.

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Inheritance Lyrics
Has not my inheritance become to me like a lion in the woods?
She roars at me I hate her.
Has not my inheritance become to me like a speckled bird of prey,
That other birds surround and attack?

Go gather all the wild beasts, bring them to devour
Many shepherds will ruin my fields, Yeah,
They’ll turn my pleasant vineyards in to trash.

If you race with men on foot and they have worn you out
than how can you compete with a horse?
If you stumble in the safeland how are you gonna manage in the thicket
When ev’ry thing is desolate and dry?

Your brothers, your brothers, your own famly Even they’ve betrayed you.
Do not trust them, they’re the ones I love, Yeah.

For they will sow wheat but reap thorns.
They will wear out but gain nothing, yeah well,
Over the barren land The sword will devour,
Because nobody cares. Oh.

So bear the shame of your harvest
Because of the Lord’s angry mouth.*

*The final line of song, “Bear the shame of your harvest, because of the Lord’s angry mouth,” touches on the thought from this passage that while the words from the Lord’s “mouth” are angry, in his heart there is deep love for those he is pursuing.

BC ELEMENTS (What’s This?)

Inheritance Lead Sheet

Download the sheet music above if you would like to perform this song live. Considering using the text or parts of the song to Create your own Confrontatie.

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