Actor/Photographer/Filmmaker Michael Markham has brought us a series of photographs in response to the theme of Light and Darkness and Genesis 1:3: And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.














From the Artist: 

In this passage I was struck by the ease with which God brought about light. He simply spoke it into existence. Then I thought about our modern scientific understanding of the origins of the universe. When God spoke light into existence it was the giant event that not only brought forth light, but every particle of matter in the Universe. And it is still expanding. Then I consider man’s attempts to provide light for himself. I am intrigued by the moment of God’s speaking and by the power with which that word is given creation. These images explore the beginning and extended moments of man-made light from the first spark of a match, to the phenomenon of a photographic flash, almost literally lightning caught in a glass bottle, and finally God’s enduring creation of light, our sun. We struggle so hard to imitate in an incredibly finite way what God whispered into existence with such power and glory.

Michael Markham is a New York based Actor/Photographer/Filmmaker. He has performed in numerous productions Off and Off-Off Broadway, and is currently a member of Lunar Energy Productions. His photography has been seen at 1359 Broadway, 410 West 40th Street and Skating Magazine. He is scheduled to be featured in new documentary for in involvement with JR’s Inside Out Project. He has made several documentary style shorts for Redeemer Presbyterian Church including two for the New Birth Portrait Series. His first narrative short film “Pinecone” will begin life on the film festival circuit this March and as of the publishing of this project his second narrative short “Fumes” will be in post production. Michael is a proud graduate of The Juilliard School.


Michael Markham is one of the curators of 2013.

Image is copyrighted by the artist and used here by permission.

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