Fools for Christ was originally composed for saxophone quartet and voice, setting part of the Apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. It was then reworked through electronic processing as part of our multimedia theater piece Project Paul.

Listen/Download Fools for Christ

Listen/Download Fools for Christ (excerpt)

In his travels Paul used a variety of methods to speak to different groups of people depending on what he thought they needed to hear. Sometimes he used kind words of encouragement, other times sarcasm and humor. In the case of “Fools for Christ”, he spoke with intensity, frustration, discipline and even anger. It’s important to remember that at the root of all is his words is love. He loved the Corinthians and was trying to reach them in any way possible with the hope and love of Jesus that had been shown to him.

The piece begins with a montage of Paul’s more intense words. The driving sounds accompanying the first half of the piece are a combination of sampled instruments, vocal effects, toys and one guinea pig named Delilah. Excerpts from a choral setting of Psalm 46, a jazz ensemble version of the hymn “Oh, Sacred Head Now Wounded” and other compositions you may find within the Bible Confrontatie project also make a cameo appearance in the recording.

The soundtrack of the second half of the piece features a recording of saxophone quartet (playing the original live concert version of “Fools for Christ”) that has been distorted. As Paul’s stern message warms in love, so the saxophones’ distortion is stripped away revealing pure tones.

The Text
The second half of the piece is directly from 1 Corinthians 4. The first half is a collage of Paul’s writings throughout his letters, with an emphasis on his letter to the Galatians.
Read 1 Corinthians 4:8-21

Download “Fools for Christ” text with Biblical references


The Saxophone Quartet
If you are interested in the seeing what the score for the original Saxophone Quartet concert version of this piece looks like or would like to perform the piece with you own ensemble, download the scores below. You can also listen to the original recordings in the “BC Elements” sections below.

Download Fools for Christ Full Score
Download Fools for Christ parts (.zip)

Saxophone Quartet:
Allison Davis, Soprano Saxophone
Chris Clouthier, Alto Saxophone
Kim Reece, Tenor Saxophone
Mark Determan, Baritone Saxophone

Voice Actors: Jacob Allen, Paris Brown, Maryl McNally, Emma Sweet, Anneliese Diedemar, Charlie Christenson, Brendan Marshall-Rashid, Aram Monisoff, Jonathon Roberts
Image: Scott Baye

BC ELEMENTS (What’s This?)

Dozens of samples were created to make this track. Here are many of my favorite samples that were used and some that were recorded but didn’t make it into the piece. Enjoy! Some of the ensemble pieces (such as Blessing) are excerpts of larger pieces that you can find within Bible Confrontatie. Please use these samples, the passages or scores in this post to Create your own Confrontatie.

Fools for Christ Sax Quartet Part 1
Fools for Christ Sax Quartet Part 2
Fools for Christ Sax Quartet Part 3
Eastern Banjo 1 Loop
Eastern Banjo 2
Eastern Banjo 3
Eastern Banjo 4
Eastern Banjo 5
And These Three Remain (Annelise Diedemar)
The Greatest is Love (Emily Clare Zempel)
Blessing Excerpt (Lawrence University Wind Ensemble)
Blessing Distorted
Christ Redeemed Us from the Curse
“Something Other Than Context” Excerpt
Guinea Pig Delilah
I Care Very Little if I am Judged
Laundry Door 1
Laundry Door 2 (bouncing)
Laundry Door 3 (big)
Laundry Machine
Narcissus and Echo Climax (Meg Ozaki, Kami Jo Radsek, Jonathon Roberts)
Psalm 46 Chanting (Lawrence Universiry Wind Ensemble
Sacred Head Excerpt (Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble)
Shaker 1
Shaker 2
Vocal Effects 1
Vocal Effects 2
Vocal Effects 3
Vocal Effects 4
Vocal Effects 5
Vocal Effects 6
Vocal Effects 7
Vocal Effects 8
Vocal Effects 9
Vocal Effects 10
Vocal Effects 11
Vocal Effects 12
Water Filling
Who Cut in on You (Anneliese Diedemar)
I Will Not be Mastered

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