Here is a sound and music collage reacting to the urgency with which the Apostle Paul spoke to people about what lies ahead. The beats are made from chopped vocal sounds and the voices join Paul from around the world saying “The day is almost here.”

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The focus of this piece is Romans 13:12, “The night is nearly over, the day is almost here.” Additionally twenty-four other passages from Paul’s letters related to this theme are incorporated in the piece. Additionally there is a brief line of poetry from Christy Bagasao (If the battle ends…). We imagine him nearing the end of his life, racing forward while countless thoughts and phrases race through his head from years of traveling and preaching.

This piece is part of a larger theater work called Project Paul. Click Here to learn more.

Original Text: Christy Bagasao
Image: Scott Baye
Audio: Jonathon Roberts
Voice Actors: Hans Ternes, Chorthip Peeraphatdit, Nora Hertel, Choyning Dorji, Ki-yong Min, Tasneem Mirza, Won Joon Kim, Bao Ha, Phyllis Odoom, Sandra Obeng, Tariq Engineer, Olia Shapel, Emily Clare Zempel

BC ELEMENTS (What’s This?)

Raw Vocal Samples

Here are vocal and breath samples created for the beats in this piece. They are great for loading into a sampler and manipulating. Please use them for your own projects. Try making a reaction to this composition or passage and Submitting a Confrontatie.

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