This week we feature a new short play by playwright Judith Leora in response to the theme of Fools and Ecclesiastes 4:5. One of the most vivid translations of this passage reads:

The fool folds his hands together: and eats his own flesh. 


READ “Drowning in Cake”


LISTEN “Drowning in Cake”

Trix:  Jody Christopherson
Trina:  Julie Fogh
Fern:  Alana Rader
Lawyer:  Giverny Petitmermet



From the Artist: 

I love theatre because I’m thrilled when I hear the truth. And there’s something exhilarating about being in the same room with the performer when you hear it. I don’t get that same connection in other mediums. And there is something dramatic about hearing and seeing an idea in conflict. As a young writer, I had a tendency to write about abstract ideas. When you start with an idea, it tends to not be that dramatic. What is dramatic is the human element. The world is profoundly unfair. Things do not work out that well for most people in the world. But there is something innate in us, which always seems to think that the world is supposed to be fair. That there is an ideal we can attain. And we are continually shocked when we miss the mark. I think most people live in the space in between these two ideas. How happy we are usually depends on how well we adjust to this dissonance.




JUDITH LEORA is a playwright and screenwriter who grew up half in upstate NY and half in Berlin, where her parents worked. Since then she has also lived on all four sides on the United States, and feels free to write about pretty much anything in the world. Judith began her career writing sketch, animation, television pilots and screenplays. More recently, Judith was one of the Founding writers of New York Madness and is now the Managing Director. Her play Gideon was recently commissioned by the University of Massechusetts (Lowell) and will premiere in April 2013. Recent projects: Fumes (film), directed by Michael Markham; Crying in Nigeria, Pussyfest Redux, Caplocks Theatre; The Raven (co-librettist) Emerging Actors Theatre March 2012. Numerous short plays produced in New York, including multiple plays with the Great Unknowns showcase, ESPA Detention series, New York Madness, One Minute Play Festival, Stampede Lab, Playwrights for Pets, 15th Floor Playwrights, the Have Another Bar/Play Crawl, Above the Bridge, Street Festival and Arkham Playwrights. Full-lengths: broken, The Cookie Fight, Elijah, Gideon, The Cad (musical). Co-produced Gate B23, NYC International Fringe Festival (2010). M.A. (Playwriting): Texas A&M University (Charles Gordone, Mentor) – Graduate Playwriting Award.

Contact info:


This play was curated by Michael Markham.

Poem is copyrighted by the artist and used here by permission.

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