Commission a Tribute Song
Commission a Tribute Song
Commission a new song in honor of someone special in your life.

Our Tribute Campaign is your opportunity to honor someone you know through a section of the Bible that you choose. Tributes can be used as birthday gifts, remembrances to honor loved ones, anniversary presents, and more.

Here are several examples of Tributes:
What a Day (Proverbs 31) Honoring a mother's 76th birthday, a gift from her daughters
White Robe (Revelation 7) A gift from a wife to a husband, remembering their “engagement verse”
Loving Arms (Mark 10) A special baptism lullaby for a newborn from her parents

Here's how it works: Make a donation of $750 to Spark and Echo Arts. Tell us what passage you would like to inspire the song. Then tell us about the person you are honoring. For example, what makes them special, or how might the passage be connected to them.

Composer Jonathon Roberts will take this information write an original song for the person you are honoring. You will be the first to receive a high-quality recording of the song. By request we can even provide a “chord sheet” or sheet music for this song. Your song and information about the honoree (as much or as little as you desire) will be shared at so you, your family or friends near and far can celebrate together.

This is a unique way to honor someone special. Consider commissioning this song as a group and make the tribute from your whole family or group of friends.