A new piece setting a short letter from John to a fast-moving piano part. Minus the final line, the melody is entirely in whole steps.

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The lyrics from “Dear Friend” are adapted from the book of 3rd John.
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Dear Friend Lyrics
Dear friend, I pray for your health. Even as your soul is getting along well. It gives me great joy. There’s no greater joy. I have no greater joy.

O my dear friend, you are faithful to the Name, and to my brothers and sisters, though they’re strangers to you, they know your love. I know your love.

I write to you. I don’t write to your friend who loves to be first. He will not welcome us, spreading malicious nonsense. So I will call attention, I will call attention. Dear Friend, do not imitate evil but what is good. It is from the Name.

I have much to tell you, but not with pen and ink. I’ll see you soon, face to face. I will see you soon.

Peace to you. Your friends here send their greetings. Greet my friends there by name.

BC ELEMENTS (What’s This?)

Dear Friend Score

Download the score above for your own performance or to Create your own Confrontatie.


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