“Here are two Confrontatie on the hymn ‘Two Vines Around a Tree’. This was Emily Zempel and my wedding hymn. I asked my mom, Paula Roberts to create an image and design a wall-hanging on the theme of Two Vines Around the Tree of Christ. Then my father, John Roberts, carved a small wooden statuette also on that image. They did a fantastic job and the art was a lovely addition to our wedding and our lives in our small apartment. We hope you enjoy the images. Click each one for a larger version.”

Two Vines Around a Tree


Design and Wall Hanging by Paula Roberts
For the last 20 plus years my mother has been designing and creating art for churches so it’s no wonder this turned out as beautifully as it did. We gave just her a vague idea and she turned the concept into a stunning and clear image with a metaphor much more powerful.


Carvings by John Roberts
In addition to being a world class vet and conservationist my father has been carving as long as I can remember. When I was a kid it was carousel horses, now it’s detailed ornaments and perfect little additions to his cabin. His signature is all over www.NaturesLamp.org as well.

Two Vines Around a Tree

Two seeds are gently sown, and grow as a vine.
They grow as a vine, seeking life they rise in the air,
Alone in the air, falling and falling upon a prayer.
They fall on a prayer, they fall on a prayer.

The Tree of Life has grown from out of the grave
And into their lives, feeding them, upholding the vines,
They grow and define, blossoming over an empty tomb.
Their leaves are in bloom, their leaves are in bloom.

Two vines around a tree, they weave and they sow,
They weave and they know Jesus bears the fruit of the vine,
The fruit of their lives, bearing each other they always know
The Spirit of love, the Spirit of love.

Though only three remain, the greatest is love,
The greatest is love, faith and hope will weave as a vine,
They weave and they climb, over and over, but then there’s love.
The greatest is love, the greatest is love.

This is a Confrontatie to the original hymn which you can view at “Two Vines Around a Tree”.

This work is inspired by John 15:5; 1 Corinthians 13:3; Ecclesiastes 4:12; and Ephesians 5:25.

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