Spark & Echo The Band - Physical CD
Spark & Echo The Band - Physical CD
Spark and Echo Arts is proud to announce the release of the debut album from Spark and Echo the Band. It features original art songs and piano inspired by biblical text, featuring Jonathon Roberts on piano/voice with vocal and instrumental harmonies by Emily Clare Zempel. The two are joined by some amazing guest artists, including Mason Neely, Mike Block, Alex Sopp, Matt Holman, Matt Bauer, and our stellar producer Jay Foote and Alex Foote (Welcome Wagon).

Add in the amazing musicians listed above, stir with these excellent producers, and you get a whole new sonic world to enhance Spark & Echo's signature signature style of art song, piano rock, and vocal harmonies, with your favorites--Boris the Bassoon and Christopher Robin the Baritone Uke.

Songs include:
  • Better than Wine
  • Ruined
  • Flesh
  • Do You Love Me?
  • Frogs
  • Wheels
  • White Robe
  • Set Me as a Seal
  • More Than Rubies
You may have heard some of these songs from the demos online or from our live shows, but now you can here them masterfully produced with a full band!