Spark and Echo Arts creates and commissions a work of art, music, theater, poetry, dance or film in response to every passage of the Bible. We engage visual, performing, and literary artists from a diversity of styles and backgrounds, working in the top of their field. We seek a balance of artists deeply familiar with the Bible and artists who have not yet explored it, showcasing their work in our online gallery and at live events.

Spark and Echo Arts provides artists with
-an audience

We offer programming that champions the Bible in contemporary culture, fostering a new dialogue by focusing on creative works rather than verbal discussion. With an emphasis on multi-disciplinary events in public venues for diverse audiences, we engage people through opportunities to discover and support art for the benefit of their community, the artist, and themselves.

Please support Spark and Echo Arts and help encourage new artistic reactions to the Bible!

If you’re an artist or you would like to recommend an artist to us let us know here. Get involved by exploring the site, attending an Event, or donating toward a new work of art or special event.

For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Individual artists and creators of the work on this site hold the copyrights for their own work. If you are interested in using their work you should seek permission from the artist. Contact Us and we will gladly help you with that process. Portions of some works are available for download as indicated. If you use something, consider a tax-deductible donation. Spark and Echo Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.