“A Friend” is a short story essay written and performed by Kyle J Smith. It was premiered as part of “Preludes,” a multi-disciplinary arts event thrown by Salt Space in NYC’s Flatiron District during the “waiting” period between Good Friday and Easter 2011.

Kyle J. Smith is a writer and personal trainer living in New York City. He is a member of the Gallery Church of Manhattan and Editor-In-Chief of weasel and gun: variety magazine. Through his writing he shares bits of himself with others in hopes of growing closer to each other and Truth.

Listen to A Friend read by Kyle J. Smith


Dark thoughts seem to start right in the front of your head. They sit right behind your forehead, a cancer that people can see if they’re looking in the right light. Then these thoughts begin swirling around your mind cave, picking up muck, treasures and grief until they take up your whole head and make it so heavy it tips towards one shoulder.
-Excerpt from A Friend by Kyle J. Smith


This work is a response to Luke 22:1-6, Acts 1:18, Matthew 27:3-5

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